Mr_Lamppost is here; Almost.

Under construction.

Working so Far

For various reasons I have decided to launch this site early; i.e. before it is finished.

21 / 10 / 09

Added Beach Umbrellas and Standing Stone models to the Terragen 2 object downloads.

26 / 08 / 09

Added to the Terragen 2 object downloads; including the scale grids and a link to the scale of objects guide.

25 / 08 / 09

Fixed a problem that was preventing Firefox from reading the style information correctly. Also changed the layout of this front page.

24 / 08 / 09

Not as big an update as I intended but a few more things have been added to the object download section.

01 / 08 / 09

Fixed all the go nowhere links so there shouldn't be any more page not found errors.

The basic structure is fixed if incomplete so it should be safe to bookmark pages you may want to come back to. The formatting may change but the information will stay in the same place.

Terragen 2 Objects Downloads.

Terragen 2 guides

New and published for the first time: An ancient standing stone for Terragen 2

An ancient standing stone for Terragen 2