Simple Stick Figure.The simple stick figure.

This simple stick figure is at first glance nothing special. However it stands exactly 1.8 metres tall. Assuming that one Terragen unit equals one metre.

I made the figure for use in the documentation images included with the Basic Bush pack but decided to release it as a stand alone download as it is a handy reference object which can be used to gauge the scale of Terragen 2 scenes.

I always make sure that the objects I publish are made to Real World scale, even the fantasy ones that are anything but real follow this rule with the size stated if appropriate. This is not always the case, the scale of objects downloaded varies vastly. This is often not the fault of the artists providing the objects, there are many inconsistencies in the way different 3d modelling packages deal with scale; notice the way Terragen 2 asks if an imported .obj file originates from Xfrog. So no criticism intended towards anybody providing objects.

If you are not sure about the scale load your new object, load the stick figure and compare.

It might be fun to use it as a modern sculpture in an urban scene or as a semi abstract population.

Click here to download Mr LAMPPOST'S Stick Figure

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